Online Loan for Entrepreneurs


In the case of an online loan for business start-ups, the loan is searched in advance on the Internet, ideally compared naturally, and then also taken over the Internet. Usually, borrowers still receive mail from the bank, as the bank naturally requires a signature under the loan agreement. for further clarification

Nevertheless, conditions such as the term and amount of the loan can be staked out in advance on the Internet. Through a loan calculator, founders can start an independent, free and non-binding loan comparison, comparing the banks in the market. In this way, the most favorable bank can be found quickly on the basis of the desired credit details, and further information can be obtained, for example what other borrowers think of this bank and what the bank’s acceptance rate is.

The online loan for entrepreneurs is not always, but quite often, coupled with a business plan. Whether and how comprehensively this has to be presented obviously depends on the desired loan amount. Depending on the industry and project small commercial activities can already be included with 5000 euros, for other founders, however, a start-up capital in the six-digit range is necessary.

In the latter case, of course, it is not only necessary to prove to the bank its own creditworthiness, but also to put forward the idea of ​​how to realize future profits with the industry and what sales expectations can be set in the coming years.

Building a new life is not easy

Building a new life is not easy

Business start-ups should not be taken lightly, because even the best idea and the most auspicious start-up can quickly lead to personal bankruptcy if the necessary know-how in corporate management, in the market and in the economy is generally lacking. Consequently, for the bank, the online credit for business start-ups, of course, always involves some risk, especially if the borrower acts as the sole contractor and had nothing to do with the market or corporate governance in his previous CV.

Of course, banks also know that start-ups are always associated with a certain amount of start-up capital. Only rarely can business start-ups pay the entire necessary capital out of their own pocket, especially if a GmbH with a secured deposit of 25,000 euros has to be founded right at the beginning.

Of course, the company must also have a balanced balance sheet and liquid funds in order to be able to serve customers and business partners on time. Consequently, the loan always depends on what the borrower brings into the loan agreement and how well thought-out the plan to start is.

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